The Art of Street Style Photography: Tips for Capturing Fashion on the Streets


It’s all about capturing the moment. The art of street style photography requires a keen eye, an acute sense of awareness, and of course the willingness to take risks. Every corner of the urban street offers a unique opportunity for fashion photography. Whether it be capturing the edgy trendsetter in Downtown Prague or the fashionably eclectic style of SoHo, the art of street style photography is about capturing the perfect moment. To help capture this fleeting fashion in all its urban glory, here are some tips to follow. Enjoy!

1. Capturing the Captivating World of Street Style

Exploring the Fads of Street Style

Ever wondered what the trends of the street are today? Street style has made a statement this year with a mix of fashion hits and misses. From street wear to traditional wear, everyone is boasting their own eclectic style.

  • Layering with Utility Vests
  • Promoting Unisex Fuccbois
  • Experimenting with Color Palettes

Whether it be people in the fashion capital cities like London and Paris, or in the rural backwaters of Europe, a common thread is that people are taking new styles and adapting them to their own look. Utility vests are everywhere, emblazoned with quirky patches and pins to showcase individualism. Also, we are seeing the return of the ’90s fuccboi look, with his chunky footwear, long hair and oversized jumpers.

No street style can be complete without experimenting with colors. The explosion of fashion designers on internet platforms have allowed for shoppers to get creative, mixing and matching bright colors, to create their own unique styles. In some cities, dressing up for a night on the town is an art form. A symphony of colors, shapes and prints are seen draped over the trendiest of the crowd.

Street style is becoming a powerful force in the fashion world. A reflection of global influences, including music and art, street style is a representation of today’s youth culture. With bright colors, daring and bold silhouettes, a revolution of what fashionable is, is being born.

2. Tips for Spotting Street Chic

Go Thrifting

Chances are, you’ll be able to find some incredible street-style pieces at the thrift store. Girls like Blair Eadie and Emily Schuman are forever showcasing their fab finds on their respective blog and Instagram feeds. Aside from the possibility of finding designer goods at an affordable price, thrifting is a great way to pick up quirky, vintage pieces you won’t find anywhere else, ensuring your style is totally individual.

Check Out Online Outlets

Thanks to the world of online shopping, it’s never been easier to grab fashion’s hottest trends without forking out major cash. Sezzle, a payment plan service, let’s you split any online purchase into four easy payments. So why not order online – get inspired by the likes of Yasmin Sewell and Jessica Stein – and refresh your style game without blowing the bank?

Observe Current Street Trends

The great thing about street-style fashion is that it is constantly changing. It’s always paying homage to the vintage and classic look but also incorporating the best of current trends. Observe settings to look for items that catch your eye. Is there someone in line at the grocery store wearing a particularly cute dress? Does a fellow passenger on the Metro have the cutest combination of colors in their outfit? Memorize the colors and designs and have fun putting together your own ensemble.

Think Outside the Box

How often do you think to take a pair of trousers and mix it with another unexpected piece? Play around with items already in your closet to make something fresh and chic. Take something like a pleated skirt, or a button-down shirt – two classic items – and try combining them together into a whole new look. Be adventurous and have fun with fashion!

3. Finessing the Art of Street Style Photography

Street style photography is a craft and art all in one. Mastering it comes with practice and knowledge. Here are three tips to get you going.

  • Work the scene. Nothing beats being in the right place at the right time. Take your time to survey the area and observe people with interesting style. Then take the photo when you find something that resonates with you.
  • Be ready. Have your gear ready and functioning. Always make sure your camera is loaded and your settings are up-to-date. Pay attention to the light and the background to ensure the perfect shot.
  • Know your thing. Understand the trends and history of street style photography – take note of key influencers and learn from them. Knowing the backstory elevates your work and let’s you stand out from the rest.

Once those three fundamentals are in place, it’s time to get creative. You can try different angles, take photos in series, or explore a particular location. Challenge yourself to stay ahead of trends and create something unique. Stay patient and passionate, and soon you’ll find yourself with a beautiful portfolio of street style photography.

4. Honing Your Street Photography Techniques

So, you have been out and about honing your street photography skills, and now you want to take your work to the next level? Here are some key tips to get you editing and presenting your street photography like a pro.

  • Choose Your Subject Wisely: Street photography is all about candid situations, so take the time to consider whether it’s appropriate to photograph a particular person or moment. Remember that you may be invading someone’s privacy without their knowledge, so be sensitive.
  • Find Unusual Perspectives: To make your street photography stand out, it pays to find interesting angles and perspectives. For example, you can find interesting compositions by looking down at a busy street and focusing on the patterns, rather than shooting straight on into the crowd.
  • Go Abstract: Abstract photography is all about capturing how light, shapes, and textures interact. Try focusing on a single window amongst a crowd, or using shadows to create more dynamic compositions.
  • Showcase Your Work: Once you’ve picked out your favourite shots, it’s time to put them out there. Put together a portfolio website to show your work, and post to image sharing sites so other street photographers can see your work.

Street photography can be both rewarding and challenging. Take the time to practice, hone your skills, and learn to be an observant and responsible photographer. With the right techniques, you can create stunning street photography and take your work to the next level.

The street style photography is a fascinating way to capture the fashion trends on the streets. By claiming the courage to take risks and pursue personal tastes, street style photographers have the ability to open up whole new realms of fashion and capture candid moments of trend-setting. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, let the art of street style photography motivate you to walk the streets in search of the brilliant fashion the world has to offer.


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