Style Mistakes to Avoid: Common Fashion Blunders and How to Fix Them


Putting together the perfect outfit is like a balancing act: one wrong turn, and you can be left looking mismatched or ill-prepared. Whether you’re a born fashionista or not, everyone makes mistakes when it comes to fashion and style. But don’t worry–in this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common fashion blunders out there and how to avoid them. Read on to spare yourself the embarrassment of a fashion faux pas!

1. Fabulous and Faux Pas: Common Fashion Blunders and How to Fix Them

As the saying goes – there’s no dress code for being fabulously fashionable. But then again, there’s also no such thing as too many fashion faux pas–especially if you want to stay hip and stylish. All fashionistas run the risk of making a misstep in their wardrobe choices from time to time. Luckily, learning what not to do is just as important as understanding what looks good. Here are a few fashion blunders you ought to avoid and some ways to make them right.

Wearing inappropriate footwear

Everybody has a pair of “just around the house” shoes. The only problem is, some of us take those same kicks out for errands or worse, to a dressy event. Not the right look–at all. The key to classy footwear is to match your shoes to your outfit and the occasion. If you wear sandals to the office, prepare for serious side-eye. Better to stick with polished flats, heels or loafers for work related events.

Choosing the wrong size

Nothing looks worse than an undersized top or an overly tight pair of pants. It’s best to find clothing that fits right so that you look well-groomed and elegant. When shopping for clothes, look at the size, material, and comfort level to make sure it’s the perfect fit. Clothes can always be tailored if necessary.

Not accessorizing

For a fashionista, accessories are a must! Whether you’re accessorizing a work look with a designer bag or a statement necklace or casually throwing on a pair of earrings and a scarf–extra pieces can add dimension and flair to any ensemble. Remember, the devil is in the details.

Ignoring color coordination

It’s important to have a color palette in mind during any fashionista’s session. Solid blocks of clashing colors aren’t the most flattering look. Stick to hues in the same family to make yourself stand out in a chic way. Try layers of light or dark shades together for a tasteful take on the monochrome look.

Making fashion mistakes is inevitable to some degree. Not to worry–it’s easy to fix your blunders with a little extra effort. By finding the right fit, color coordination, and accessories, you’ll soon nail your chic look every time!

Keeping up with the latest fashions and changing trends can be challenging. There’s always some new must have, or some new trend that’s breaking the internet. It’s important to make sure you understand the latest styles so you don’t make any fashion faux pas. Here’s a few common mistakes to watch out for:

  • When it comes to colors and patterns, less is more: No matter how attractive or eye-catching a pattern or color may be, it is best to go for simple options that won’t draw too much attention. If you opt for more flamboyant choices, the risks of coming across as overdressed and tacky are very high.
  • Cumbersome accessories: The rule of thumb here is to never wear more than three pieces of jewelry. Make sure your accessories are not too bulky, and that they go well with the outfit. If you want to make an attention-grabbing statement, pick one standout item and leave it at that.
  • Wearing the wrong size: Wearing clothes that are too big is never going to give you the look you were going for. Being fashionable is about having a good fit, so it is little wonder that ill-fitting garments will make you look frumpy. Wear clothes that fit you perfectly, and you will ooze confidence at any given moment.
  • Negating the importance of layering: In order to look up to date, you have to understand the importance of layering. A good look involves elements such as vests, blazers, and cardigans which you can combine with other items in your wardrobe. Even a simple t-shirt and jeans combo could be made instantly stylish by adding a blazer.

As you explore the trends of the season, bear in mind the abovementioned tips, as they will help you look well dressed and fashionable. Whether you prefer the brighter hues of summer or the darker shades of winter, you can avoid any major fashion mistakes, and make sure you look your very best.

3. Spicing Up Your Style: Tips to Avoid Looking Outdated

Update Your Basics

Having a wardrobe full of basics can be a great foundation for any outfit, but it’s important to re-evaluate what goes in your closet every now and then. Clothes from last season could be from a style that’s now outdated. Freshen up your basics with a new cut or color—enough to keep your look modern.


Accessories can instantly add an interesting twist to even a basic outfit. Jewelry, hats, bags, and shoes are always a great way to complete your look. It’s a fun way to express your style, without breaking the bank. Experiment and find out what works with your wardrobe.

Fashion Over Function

Dress for occasions that demand this—but don’t be afraid to think outside the box too. Don’t be afraid to try out a style that speaks to your personality—it’s the first step to creating your own unique look. Trading out skinnies for wide leg trousers or trying out a bold new print will give make your look fresh and inviting.


No matter how great your new look is, it won’t look great without the right fit! A good tailor can make a huge difference for how your clothes fit. It won’t just make them better looking, but they’ll hug you in all the right places. Tailoring is an investment—but one that’ll pay off in the long run.

Embrace Color

When we think classic, we often go for neutral tones such as black, white, or grey. But color can actually make a huge impact on your look. Bold and bright hues can bring an outfit to life. That’s not to say you have to go for the rainbow route—just the occasional accent of color can go a long way.

4. Make a Statement: Transform Fashion Mistakes into Fabulous Looks

When we think of fashion mistakes, it can seem like there’s no hope. But don’t give up just yet! It’s possible to make a statement and transform fashion mistakes into fabulous looks. Here’s how:

1. Find Inspiration: The best way to turn fashion mistakes into amazing outfits is to find inspiration. Look to magazines, the street, social media, and even your own wardrobe for ideas. Take inspiration from pieces and trends that you can combine in a stylish and unique way.

2. Try Mixing & Matching: There’s no rule that says you can’t mix and match to create something new. Use that to your advantage to revamp existing pieces. Try mixing prints, colors, and textures, and see what looks cool. Play around with what you have to create something totally chic.

3. Accessorize: Accessories are a great way to take an outfit from meh to marvelous. Try wearing a funky hat or statement jewelry to take it up a notch. If you have a plain outfit, an interesting bag or belt can make all the difference. Don’t forget sunglasses, scarves, and watches too!

4. Try Something Daring: If you want to make a real statement with your fashion, don’t be afraid to go bold. Experimenting with crazy colors or unique silhouettes can be super stylish. Be confident in your fashion choices and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

The good news is that with a bit of knowledge, you can avoid these common fashion blunders. So experiment, have fun, and above all else, remain stylish!


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