Street Style Fashion Week: Showcasing the Best Street Style Moments from Fashion Weeks


Street Style Fashion Week has taken the world by storm and left endless fashion inspiration in its wake. For fashion lovers everywhere, the streets of the world’s fashion hotspots have become the ultimate source of style inspiration, bringing us the best of the best when it comes to street-style looks. From the glitz and glamour of London to the energy and edginess of New York, Fashion Weeks bring together the most stylish trendsetters to showcase their latest looks. Now, fashion enthusiasts have the chance to see all the best street style moments from Fashion Weeks around the world!

1. Celebrating Street Style at Fashion Weeks

Every fashion week hosts the world’s greatest trendsetters featuring some of the most street-inspired and creative looks the industry has to offer. From the fashion-month heavyweights, like New York, London, Milan and Paris, to the emerging markets like Bombay and Sydney, street style seems to be changing the face of fashion one outfit at a time.

As one of the major elements of the fashion weeks calendar, street style brings life to the event, and is a great way for ordinary people to stand out. Whether it’s an Edgy street look blended with classic silhouettes, or a High-end look juxtaposed with appropriation, innovative fashion is being showcased in more and more exciting ways.

From Princess Diana and her iconic blazers to today’s street style icons like Rihanna and Gigi hadid; fashion week is a platform for creative expression and a glimpse into today’s fashion trends.

From the hottest shoes to the coolest accessories, street style trends emerge out of the creative spirit of people who have the confidence to showcase their style on the runways.

  • High-end street style: High-end streetwear has become a regular facet on the catwalks and streetstyle scenes, blending haute couture garments with everyday items.
  • Dress and suit up: Dressing up for fashion week has become a major trend with formal attire being mixed with street aspects to create unique and eye-catching looks.
  • Mix and match: Mix and match patterns and colours for a layered look that begs for attention on the streets or in the stands – add a printed skirt over tailored trousers, for example.

2. Highlights from this Season’s Showcasing Events

The showing season ran with plenty of amazing events to surprise and delight! Here’s a few highlights from some of this season’s showcasing events:

  • Summer Soiree – An outdoor extravaganza under the stars. Dancers moved to the musical rhythms and costumes dazzled. Illuminated in festive greens and blues, it was a perfect summer evening.
  • Horse Equestrian Show – The walk of the horses in brilliant white, grey and black was breathtaking. The jockeys in their glamorous attire skillfully directed and maneuvered their noble steeds.
  • Road Trip Rally – An array of colorful classic cars driven by upbeat racers sped up and down the roads, winding through picturesque hills. A thrilling reminder of the old days.

The evening air was punctuated with saxophones, electric guitars and violins. Fashion shows with catwalks rode alongside. Dancers twirled and spun, sparkles flew in time to the movements. Cavalcades of laughter and cheering filled the venue.

The sights, sounds and energy of the showcases all held a common charm and a captivating presence. People left with memories to last a lifetime.

So no matter what showcasing event you attended, without a doubt each and every one was an amazing time!

3. Taking the Runway to the Streets

Fashion’s imprint can be seen all around us – from billboards to store windows and even on the street. From the runway to the sidewalk, style has no boundaries and the coveted trends of the season are quickly making their way to the masses. Here are three ways to make runway fashions suitable for everyday wear.

  • Go Simple: When taking fashion cues from the runway stripping away unnecessary details is essential. Opt for pieces with clean lines such as a well-tailored trench coat, slip dress or pencil skirt. These simple pieces are the foundation for accessorizing with flair.
  • Mix and Match: Combining pieces from different collections is a great way to get runway style without spending a fortune. Invest in one designer piece then add elements from less expensive brands. For example, pair an Alexander McQueen scarf with a Zara cashmere sweater for a perfectly pulled together outfit.
  • Keep it Casual: The easiest way to make runway fashion street ready is to keep it casual. Throw on your favorite blue jeans and sneakers to updates any runway-inspired look. A great example is a tailored blazer and trousers paired with a casual t-shirt and white trainers.

And there you have it, three easy ways to rock runway fashion effortlessly. Whether it’s high-end luxury or an inexpensive street style look, the right touches can make runway fashion both affordable and wearable.

4. Capturing Street Style’s Finest Moments

Street fashion is one of the most vibrant, diverse and exciting trends in modern fashion. It has the ability to capture embracing expressions of creativity, individuality and personal style. For those with a keen eye for the street-style trends, there has never been a better time to capture some of the world’s finest fashion moments!

Start by finding the trendiest spots. Big cities such as New York, London, Paris and Tokyo are known for their diverse range of styles, making them ideal places to start. Carry around a camera, and take snapshots of interesting people who you come across on your way. Still photographs are also great, and will help you capture street style in all its glory.

Exploring online can also offer a great insight into street fashion. There are a variety of online platforms dedicated specifically to providing images of street fashion in its most flattering form. Consider following popular street-style blogs and Instagram accounts, for a more curated approach to discovering street styles.


  • Watch for spot trends, such as the latest shoe trends and the super cool layering tricks
  • Always look out for new, unique and creative ways of styling!
  • It’s easy to get lost in all the amazing styles, so always take the time to look through your images and decide what you think looks great.

Street fashion is a constantly evolving phenomenon – a simple snapshot might just capture a timeless moment in style! Have fun and enjoy the ride!

As we’ve seen, street style fashion week continues to be an inspiring celebration of personal style, creativity, and fashion innovation. Although it looks a little different this year, talented fashionistas all around the world are proving that regardless of where the fashion week takes place, the street style fashion week stage will still be one the most exciting and influential trends in the fashion industry for many more years to come.


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