Dressing for Your Body Shape: Flatter Your Figure with the Right Styles

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Have you ever put on an outfit that made you feel great but when you looked in the mirror, your reflection looked drab? We’ve all been there! It’s time to start dressing for our body shapes and showing off your gorgeous figure. With the right styles, you can flatter your figure and boost your confidence. Let’s learn how to dress to perfection for our body shape and sculpt out our silhouette!

1. Dress to Impress: Choosing the Right Outfit for Your Figure

No matter your shape or size, you can always create a look that works for you! After all, it is important to dress to impress to give the best impression of yourself. However, it can be tricky to know how to dress for various figures. From petite to plus-size and everything in between, here are several handy tips that will help you create a look that complements to your body.

Curves: Embrace the Waist

For those blessed with curves, high-waisted pieces and A-line cuts are a must-have. Teaming a high-waisted skirt with a tucked in top is sure to elongate your frame while still emphasizing your lovely curves. Accentuate your shape with belt and don’t forget to draw attention to your upper body with a statement blouse.

Petite: Accessorize for Length

If you are petite, choose outfits which bring length to your frame. A classic trick is to team a floor-length skirt with a cropped blouse. You can also give the illusion of length by coordinating accessories; slightly cropped jackets with a clutch and ankle strap sandals will elongate your look.

Plus-size: Invest in Tailoring

For plus-sizes, the key to a flattering look is to invest in tailoring – an ill-fitted suit or dress just won’t do. Opt for well-cut pieces; think blown-out shoulders and carefully cut lines. Try wearing skirts and dresses with A-line silhouettes for maximum effect. Also, be sure to find great quality material to ensure total comfort and a perfect fit.

Every Day: Positive Self-talk

  • Always remember to practice positive self-talk when getting dressed
  • Think of your body using words like ‘radiant’ and ‘magnificent’ instead of ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’
  • Focus on what you love and feel great about yourself

No matter what body type you have, dressing to impress is all about celebrating your shape. Learning to appreciate what you have and accentuate it is the key to living a chic life. Playing around with flattering fits and colors is a great way to have fun while looking fabulous.

2. From Curves to Shapeless: Find the Best Clothes for Every Body Type

When you’re shopping for clothes, using your body type as a guide is a great way to find flattering pieces. Every body type is different and requires different clothing to look its best.

Apple Shaped: If you have an apple-shaped body, you likely have a full midsection and very slender arms and legs. An A-line dress or tunic is a great choice for an apple-shaped body. You can also accentuate your thin arms and legs by choosing lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. Opt for a darker color on top to draw attention away from the midsection.

Hourglass Shaped: An hourglass shaped body has equal proportions on the top and bottom. Embrace your curves and choose clothing that is form-fitting and flattering. Fitted blazers and dresses that have an accentuated waist are great options to show off your figure. For a classic look, try pairing a fitted dress with a belt to accentuate your waist.

Inverted Triangle Shaped: The inverted triangle body shape has wide shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. To create balance for this body type, focus on accentuating your hips and legs. Wide-legged pants and skirts are great options. With tops and blazers, opt for lighter fabrics to draw attention to your lower half and create the illusion of curves.

Rectangle Shaped: If you have a rectangle body shape, you likely have an overall straight figure with minimal curves. To create the illusion of curves, look for fitted clothing that accentuates your waist and opt for fabrics that are a bit stretchy to create some shape. A-line skirts and dresses are also great for adding some curves to your figure.

Shapeless Shaped: If you have a shapeless body, the key is to create the illusion of shape and volume. Choose clothing with interesting details like ruffles and asymmetrical hemlines to draw the eye. Draping and layering are also great options to add some shape and texture to your look.

3. Elements of Style: What Accessories Make the Outfit Flatter?

The right accessories can be the difference between an outfit that is just “alright”, and one that is polished and put together. Some elements of style that can make an outfit look truly striking require no money at all — just a bit of imagination.

  • A classic belt can cinch in a waistline on formal dresses, or can be used to define an oversized shirt silhouette.
  • Add a layered necklace to update a plain T-shirt. The mix of lengths and angles can add personality to a seemingly ordinary ensemble.
  • If you are wearing something long-sleeved, consider wearing a watch to draw attention to your wrist. It will create a lovely contrast of shapes.

Statement pieces should be used in discreet doses to avoid looking like you’ve tried too hard. Colorful earrings and pendants can all be added to a basic outfit for maximum effect.

Choose functional accessories that will work with any outfit. A quality tote bag, for example, can be used when going to work or the gym. The same bag will make any casual outfit look professional.

When in doubt, less is always more! Too many accessories will take attention away from the outfit and draw away from the overall look. Try to stick to 2 or 3 pieces at a time.

4. A Fresh Look: Replace an Old Outfit with a Complementary Design

It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut and there’s no greater crime than wearing the same old outfit day after day. Revitalize your wardrobe with a bold and daring design that will turn heads. The trick to finding the perfect design is to experiment and see what looks great. Start by looking for something in a complementary color or pattern, or pick pieces with interesting textures and embellishments.

Replace your old staples with garments made from an unexpected fabric or with a unique cut. You could try a velvet skirt, a linen blazer, or some flowy maxi dresses. If you’re feeling daring, why not try a two-piece set, a cape or a jumpsuit? Together, these pieces can elevate your style and make a strong statement.

When looking for a fresh look, remember to add a few statement pieces to your wardrobe. Accessories can really liven up an outfit and a great pair of shoes can transform a mundane look into a trend-worthy one. You could try something in a bright color or unusual material or a pair of embellished sandals. A few colorful scarves, brooches or headwraps can also liven up your look.

  • Statement pieces like accessories, shoes and other items can liven up your look.
  • Experiment with textures, colors and patterns to find something unique.
  • Try something unexpected or daring, such as a two-piece set, cape or jumpsuit.

Swapping out old pieces for new ones can make a world of difference. And remember, you don’t always need a closet full of designer pieces to create an amazing look, it’s all about creativity and confidence.

By understanding your body shape and dressing to highlight your features, you can create a look that flatters your figure and makes you look and feel your best. However you choose to dress, you can always remember that body shape is just one factor of what makes you beautiful. When you feel confident, you look gorgeous no matter what. So here’s to embracing your unique, fabulous self!


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